WebXeL Order Importer for Sage


Dave Whelan, Fuss Free Printer Supplies
"We are so pleased to have found Order Importer for Sage as it saves endless hours of having to enter duplicate information into our Sage 50 accounts system. Our staff loves the option of being able to check the data before it’s imported into Sage 50 accounts."

"When we needed all the POP’s to default to one supplier you did this for us quickley with no charge. Our developer was able to integrate the software with ease, and he likes to moan about everything. In a word your software is life saving. If you could have seen what we had to do before you would laugh."

James Robertson, Managing Director, Autow Centres Ltd
"Order Importer for Sage is a godsend; it enables us to simply and quickly import orders from our E-commerce websites. This means we can save the time and cost of manually entering orders, whilst eliminating keying errors; we can do more important things, like sell".

Michael Gordon, Director, Tartan T-Shirts
"We have always used Sage software to run our accounts and recently introduced Order Importer for Sage to automatically download our online orders. This has been very successful, saving lots of time and money, it certainly has made us more efficient."